Aluminium Fabrication Services for Bespoke, Versatile and Durable Building Components

Khatri Glass and Aluminium takes pride in offering professional aluminium fabrication services in Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Ghaziabad and Faridabad regions. Since our first experience with fabricated aluminium alloys, we have been constantly providing top-quality building components like doors, windows, curtain walls, shop front designs and more to our valuable clients in the areas. Our first priority is to fabricate aluminium in the most environmental-friendly way to ensure that you enjoy all the great advantages of this new age building material.

Aluminium is the second most used material building after steel and often preferred over the latter for the numerous advantages it offers. We make certain that aluminium retains all its outstanding properties while undergoing fabrication with our team of experts. Get sustainable, durable and long-lasting fabricated aluminium products designed following a customized approach as we believe that every installation has its own unique requirements.

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Khatri Glass and Aluminium is the recommended market leader in the installation of glass and aluminum with a reputation of offering high quality & bespoke standard work always.

Aluminium Fabrication

Why Choose Fabricated Aluminium?

Since its first major use in Empire State Building in the 1930s, aluminium has time and again proved its usefulness beyond soft drink cans and food foils. Today, you can see around how extensively the material is used in creating stunning and functionally performing designs that withstand the tests of ageing. Here we would like to make you familiar with some of its key benefits:

  • Lightweight: Aluminium boasts of density nearly one-third that of steel which makes it easy to fabricate in different shapes and styles. It is easy to transport as well as known for exerting minimum pressure on the overall building.
  • Durable: Being a tough material, aluminium makes building components last for three decades and more. You can expect it to provide the best returns on your investments.
  • Extrusion Flexibility: Aluminium extrusion allows flexible design options that help our experts to incorporate additional features to increase the overall usefulness of the products.
Aluminium Fabrication
  • Damage Resistant: Unlike steel and other popular materials, aluminium alloys are resistant to corrosion and other damaging effects of moisture and weather. Aluminium shop fronts are known to withstand rough weathers without demanding huge maintenance.
  • Easy to Fabricate: Aluminium is indeed the favourite of fabricators like us. It is and fast and easy to employ different fabrication techniques and technologies to prepare aluminium products with high precision. Moreover, the fabrication process for the material is quite inexpensive.
  • Environmental Benefits: As a highly sustainable option, aluminium is counted among the green building materials. It is recyclable as well as reusable and its fabrication has a minimum impact on the environment. In addition, it participates in maintaining thermal efficiency inside the buildings it is installed at.

Our Clients

Choose Us for Aluminium Fabrication

At Khatri Glass and Aluminium, we use techniques like cutting, drilling, punching, tapping, bending and joining to render the most functional aluminium components and products. We always begin by listening to and understanding the exact requirements of our clients in terms of style, design, shape, colour, size and other important factors to deliver only the optimal solutions. The entire process involves planning, drawing finalization, fabrication and finishing in which the experienced architects and designers participate.

Give us a call to discuss your aluminium fabrication needs in the Delhi NCR right now!  We are ready to get started immediately.

aluminium fabricators in delhi

Client Testimonials

On every level, Khatri Glass and Aluminium has exceeded my expectations in glass work. In recent, their team helped me with the ACP cladding and Aluminium Fabrication work for my external building. The excellent and reliable service are truly overwhelming!

Kailash Chaturvedi

Referred from my friend in Faridabad, I came to know about Khatri Glass and Aluminium in New Delhi. Their fast-paced work in quality installation of Designer LED mirrors to my newly constructed house made me a fan of them. I would highly recommend their effective services in glass & aluminium

Gurtek Singh

From aluminium to the glass installation work, Khatri Glass and Aluminium provide me the needful services to my entrances. They installed the perfect looking glass doors for my new venture in the coffee restaurant. I am looking for the same quality work from their team again.

Harjinder Kohli