Aluminium fabrication covers many processes like – cutting, bending, and joining, whose purpose is to weld and assemble. With the benefit of lightweight & ductileness, aluminum is suitable for fabrication with extrusion products to achieve the desired end functionality in fittings. Aluminium fabrication is performed with alloys that reduce the stress in the metal design styles like – sheet, plate, coil, extrusions, tube or wire, which make the fitting and assembly more efficient than any other metal!


We are a team of professionals involving extrusion as the main process in aluminum fabrication. We take up the efforts to give customer a proper aluminium metal fabrication with higher extrusion keeping industry standard in mind.

Aluminium Fabrication Involves the processes like:

This process of fabrication involves creation of holes by using a punch press taking extrusion in center. The hole created is equal to the diameter of the punch, which is constructed of hardened steel. Punching is one of the most economical fabrication options for aluminum extrusion products to create multiple shaped holes in a variety of products. It is commonly used in cladding, rolling gate profiles, and cable trays.

Drilling is used to make or enlarge holes in the aluminum extrusions using drill machines, which rotates while being applied with force, forming chips near the cutting edge.

This process is used to generate holes with internal threading, which function in a pair with another component, like a nut and bolt. The product pair contains elements, wherein threads are cut into the hole of the female portion using a tap, which is known as tapping. The complementary action is cutting of threads into the male portion using a die, which is known as threading. This can be done either manually or through the use of machines, which are faster and more accurate.

Notching is an economical punching process used to make a notch by using punch tools. The purpose of this is to bend a corner in a sheet or to join two tubes at a circumstance joint.

Bending is another possibility for fabricating aluminum extrusion products, used primarily for shapes like boxes or enclosures, such as rectangular work. Equipment like box and pan brakes and specialized machine presses are used to create V, U, or channel shapes with extruded aluminum sheets, bars, tubes, or custom shapes. There are various types of bending, including air bending, coining, and bottoming using the brake press.

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Aluminium Fabrication

Understanding the steps to carry out Aluminium Fabrication:

(A) Working with plan

In accordance with plan generated by the engineer, the sheet metal product specifications will be specified. Process of drawings will be made to understand the scope of the fabrication process.

(B) Finalizing Drawings

Once all the details have been finalized on, the final shop drawing will be made. Here, in-depth calculations are made to determine the levels of stress on the different parts of sheet metal. This analysis and calculation will determine the process to be followed in terms of fabrication.

Aluminium Fabrication

(C) Metal Fabrication

This is the actual process of metal fabrication, where raw material undergoes several different processes to create the final product. This product is fabricated in accordance with the design guidelines and budget.

(D) Product Finishing

Once the product has been fabricated, it undergoes some finishing processes to make it commercially viable.

The different steps in the process of sheet metal fabrication contribute to creating an exceptional product. All the different steps help in ensuring that the product meets the design specifications.

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aluminium fabricators in delhi

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