Front elevation is a straight-on view of houses, it reflects the home premises features such as entry doors, windows, the front porch and any items that protrude from the home, such as side porches or chimneys. Elevations of the house can be designed in different ways considering location, context and individual requirements. The front elevation work involves certain process that work as a vital tool for deciding holding high-pressure sheets.


As the team of professionals, we offer a high-quality orthographic projection of the exterior faces of the building. We work tirelessly in providing the best quality front elevation with suitable patterns & projections to offer your home premises a great look and feel. We task every assignment as per the customer requirement with any further hassle.


Box Type Elevation

The façade is a combination of cuboidal blocks. These blocks act as a weather shed preventing direct sunlight and rain to enter the home premises or other establishments.

Modern sleek line elevation

The main feature of modern hoe is its balance with ecosystem. With modern times, elegance and aristocracy in the façade is seen with sleek surfaces. In this elevation, glass doors are used.

Slopping roof elevation

Sloppy roof has been a traditional element used in many home premises. Nowadays, these are used in combination with the modern architecture to enhance the look of elevation along with a traditional feeling.

Front Elevation


Khatri Glass and Aluminium provide the active services in Front elevation work whilst keeping the edge of consistency with innovation leads.

Front Elevation


Available in Patterns and Dimensions

With the options to opt for the particular front elevation, there are many patterns & dimensions to select from. Front elevation involves the filling of blocks with the toughened sheet cover to offer a sleek and modular look to the outer façade of the building. Engineer team plays an essential role in orthographic projection enlightening the building.

Front Elevation

Easy to install

Getting the Front elevation work done is worth for your buildings. The best thing about this work is easy to install the type of high-pressure sheets. The professional teamwork on dimensions and sections of each floor level that is relevant to the proposed structures and fit with the comfortable fabricated sheets.

Our Clients

From over 3 decades of experience, Khatri Glass and Aluminium have been the recommended service provider in Front Elevation work in Shahdara (New Delhi).

Our Engineers and Professionals use the innovative designs and ideas to provide the needed reputation to the buildings with Front Elevation analogies.

Front Elevation

Client Testimonials

On every level, Khatri Glass and Aluminium has exceeded my expectations in glass work. In recent, their team helped me with the ACP cladding and Aluminium Fabrication work for my external building. The excellent and reliable service are truly overwhelming!

Kailash Chaturvedi

Knowing from my friend in Faridabad, I came to know about Khatri Glass and Aluminium in the New Delhi region . Their experts fast pace work in the quality installation of Designer mirrors to my new home made me a fan of their team. I would highly recommend their effective services in the installation of glass & aluminium.

Gurtek Singh

From aluminium to the glass installation work, Khatri Glass and Aluminium provide me the needful services to my entrances. They installed the perfect looking glass doors for my new venture in the coffee restaurant. I am looking for the same quality work from their team again.

Harjinder Kohli