Aluminium Composite Panel also known as ACP, is made of aluminium composite material (ACM). Bonded with a non-aluminium core, it is flat panels, comprising of two thin coil-coated aluminium sheets. Generally, it is are applied to external facades or cladding of buildings. Having said that, it is also used for insulation and signage.

Applications: ACP is often used for internal and external architectural partitions or cladding, and also for the followings:
• False ceilings
• Machine coverings
• Signage
• Container construction

ACP is very light in weight and versatile in nature. One of its very compelling features is its durability and strength. Been used for creating some potent structures like VanDusen Botanical Garden, Spaceship Earth, and the Leipzig branch (German National Library.)

Fact: It has been recently started using as the backing material for mounting fine art photography.

Features: These are considered very useful due to their exotic features such as:
• Durability
• Efficiency
• Flexibility
• Low weight
• Easy to install
• Anti-corrosive
• Corrosion resistance
• Weatherproof
• Maintenance free

These must be considered when the core material is flammable. ACP’s core consists of polyethylene (PE) or polyurethane (PU). ACP can be constructed covering a wide range of non-metallic and metallic colors. Also, they can be produced in various patterns such as wood and marble.

Advantages of ACP are:

1. Easy Installation: User-friendly and easy installation are their enticing features. Also, while the reconstruction of an old structure or formation of a new, these are the best considered option for Aluminium Cladding.

2. Cost-Effective: We understand that affording quality glass for facade and cladding is not possible for every budget. ACP is among the most affordable and pocket-friendly materials in the market. They are highly recommended for commercial establishments because of their long lasting durability which comes along with low-cost.

3. Durability: These ACP sheets are stain and weather resistant. Durable enough to cut your expenses and save you good money. They act as a shield or solid barrier, to reduce sound pollution coming from outside. They are recognized as ideal for all seasons since they successfully maintain their size and shape regardless of the change in weather.

4. Easy to Maintain: ACP require hassle-free maintenance. Just a simple wipe with a cloth is enough to remove the dirt and dust from the ACP cladding sheet.

5. Safe to Use: Aluminum Composite Panels offer fireproof option since Aluminium does not burn. Also, these are considered as environment-friendly as they do not produce gases and fumes which are harmful to the inhabitants.

Aluminum Composite Panels or ACP are beneficial as they are also known for reducing harmful rays and solar radiation. In addition, they can easily be installed both horizontally and vertically.

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