Building a new home is an exhilarating experience. While everyone wants their house to stand out in beauty and functionality, it is crucial to design the front elevation meticulously. Determining the optimal elevation for your home involves a complex process of choosing the right materials, hues and balancing its overall structure and shape.

Here, we bring to you the details of best front elevation designs for small houses.

What is Front Elevation? 

The front elevation of your home is a crucial aspect of its design as it beautifully showcases key features such as window styles, entry doors and the front porch. It is also called entry elevation and provides a “straight-on” view of your home when looked at from a centre spot lying on the same elevation as that of the house.

Since your house front elevation is the first thing people will notice about your property, it is important to design it in an intelligent manner to create an incredible impression.

Top 5 Ideas to Design Your Home’s Front Elevation 

To help you enhance your home’s aesthetic appeal, here are some inspiring front elevation designs for you.

  1. Cottage Style Front Elevation

Despite its rustic appeal, the cottage style elevation is gaining prominence among homeowners who are looking for innovative designs. The style adds a vintage touch to your home’s elevation with soft colours and simple designs. This helps highlight the home features in an impressive manner. White fencing at the exterior can further add a charming look.

  1. Contemporary Style House Front Elevation

For contemporary-designed houses, this home front elevation design is an ideal choice. It offers a warm and fresh elevation that appeal to the eyes instantly. The elevation can be further enhanced with beautiful landscaping, wooden decking and other inviting features.

  1. Country Style Front Elevation

This is a fantastic house front elevation design if you prefer giving your home a uniquely rural, country-style look. The style is ideal for farmhouses and can also make your home stand out of the rest. A fascinating rustic look can be created by contrasting red bricks with white to augment the style of your home’s front elements.

  1. Modern Style Elevation

For modern homes, a bright and elegant front elevation can add a brilliant edge. The design is kept minimalist to help showcase the home features in an exciting manner. Sleek, simple and stunning, modern style elevation is what you need to add a distinctive appeal to y our home.

  1. Coastal Style Front Home Elevation

For homeowners looking for an excellent way to highlight the front elevation, coastal style is one of the best designs to choose from. The style can be achieved by adorning the frontage with stone-look cladding that offers a coastal look and appeal.

Custom-Made Front Elevation Designs for Small Houses

The front elevation plays an integral role in the exterior design of your home. Therefore, you should choose a home design company that gives meticulous attention to creating the best front elevation designs for small houses. Taking into consideration the plot size, dimensions and design elements, they are capable of creating a wide spectrum of elevations that are ideal for your home.

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