Do you need an amazing, cost-effective and versatile solution to enhance your building’s design and strength? Structural Glazing is the perfect answer!

What is Structural Glazing? 

Structural Glazing is a field of contemporary construction technology that has taken the industry in a sweep. It is a form of Curtain Wall that helps build brilliant Glass Facade and improve the aesthetic appeal of the building. Such systems comprise of glass with full or partial framing and are structurally adhered or glazed to the outer surface of the building. This causes a “flush external finish” and makes a superlative alternative for conventional architectural glass designs.

The glass can consist of laminated, dual or triple-glazed or monolithic Insulating Glass Units. The glass units adhere to the structure but without using aluminium pressure caps or plates that are being constantly gasketed. Vertical and/or horizontal glass or aluminium mullions are used for the back-up structure, while the exterior and interior may comprise of EPDM or silicone gaskets, or even wet sealed silicone. Structural Glazing systems render a sharp, flush exterior look that can enhance the visual appeal of the building.

Benefits of Structural Glazing  

Check out the benefits of having a structurally glazed system than the traditional Curtain Wall:

  1. Offers a brilliant look

Unlike conventional captured systems, structurally glazed Glass Facade offers greater transparency, a continuous and seamless glass look. This helps accentuate the visual appeal of the building.

  1. Superior water proofing

Structurally glazed systems are designed and built in a manner so as to safeguard the internal structure of the building from water, moisture and dampness.

  1. A strong protection to the building’s internal structure

A glazed system built from premium-quality toughened glass is a great way to protect the building’s internal structure from perilous environmental effects. This helps improve the strength and integrity of the building.

  1. Rust Proof and Highly Durable

Unlike metal, wood or other material, glazing systems built with high-quality glass do not rust with seasonal changes. This ensures longevity and great value for money.

  1. Excellent sound insulation

The glazing systems are a fantastic way of insulating the building from all kinds of external sounds. So, there exists serenity inside the building which allows the people to focus better. Therefore, glazing systems are the preferred choice for office buildings, shopping malls, etc.

  1. Save on energy bills

Maintaining large commercial buildings mean spending hefty in energy bills. However, glazed systems give you the advantage of remarkable cost savings in energy consumption. Since little or no metal is exposed on the outer side of the structural system, it does not get heated up too quickly, keeping inside cool and comfy. Additionally, such systems also have lower thermal bridging which further helps cut down on energy consumption.

Factors to consider in building Structural Glazing systems  

When considering Structural Glazing for your building, it is important to follow certain guidelines. These are:

  • Water and air infiltration: It is important for the glazed system to fulfil the necessary water and air infiltration requirements. For this, the appropriate positioning of weather stripes, sealant and gaskets are
  • Use of right sealant: Choose a specially-built sealant that offers remarkable weather protection and UV-resistance. It should have excellent adhesion and mechanical strength that can uphold the structurally glazed system for years to come.
  • Structural requirements: The structural glazed framework should be designed keeping in mind wind pressure, the spacing of verticals, beam displacement, deflections and other factors.
  • Glass selection: Consider the thickness and appearance of the glass, light transmission capacity, the capability to transmit and absorb solar energy, its U-value, and the percentage of solar energy it can reflect back from the outer surface of the glazed system.

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