Your living room is the space where you unwind after a hectic day and spend precious moments with your loved ones. When there are guests at home, the design and style of your living room speak a lot about your personality and taste. Therefore, it is crucial to decorate the space with your personal comfort and style in mind. And decorative mirrors are a great way to accentuate the beauty and aesthetic appeal of your living home.

Designer mirrors aren’t just a piece of decoration but can even illuminate the space by emphasising the key features in an intelligent manner. Mirrors can make a smaller space appear bigger and open when used meticulously. It can instantly brighten up your living room and blends perfectly with your interior design to offer a more stylised and impeccable look.

Here are some exciting ideas to use decorative wall mirrors to enhance the look and functionality of your living room.

7 ideas to accentuate your living space with decorative wall mirrors 

Whether you are building a new home or redesigning the old space, using decorative mirrors for living room can definitely add a personality and charm to it. However, it isn’t just about placing a few designer mirrors here and there and trying to make the space visually-appealing. There go immense planning and intelligence in using the mirrors so that they can make the room appear brighter, spacious and lively.

Here are some interesting ideas for you:

1) Get that Cosy Look: The living room is where you relax. Make sure it has that warm and inviting feel. To create that cosy feeling, match the decorative mirrors with the interior colour schemes or wall art. Setting up the mirrors with art frames of similar sizes can further enhance the look.

2) Its Patterns Everywhere: If your living room features a patterned interior wall decor, a mirror with random shape can help accentuate the look and appeal of the space further.

3) Add that Striking Element: Some living spaces are exceptionally flamboyant with intricate decorative pieces, furniture and design. To complement it perfectly, you need decorative wall mirrors that are elaborate and add a striking look to space.

4) Bright Colours to Go Your Way: Are you a person filled with fun and liveliness? To match your personality, you might have a brightly designed living room with varied hues and schemes. And to enhance the look further, you can use vibrant mirrors that aid the mood perfectly.

5) It’s Exotic: Do you have a fascination of decorating your home with exotic and rare artefacts? The best way to make the elements stand out and create a strong impression is by using an exotic-shaped mirror. It perfectly complements the interior decor of the room and emphasises it in a remarkable manner.

6) Keep it Simple yet Classy: If you want to keep the living room looking simple and sophisticated, then a piece of unique mirror frame designed in symmetric or asymmetric shapes can make space appear eye-catching.

7) Add a Metallic Touch: Does your living room adorn a rustic artwork with nude colours and metallic furniture? Complement it with amazing metallic mirrors that will let you upkeep the mood and charm of the room. 

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