Structural Glazing systems are streamlined curtain walls of glass that are attached using silicone anchored employing rods, cables, and glass fins. The glass fins provide the most unobstructed support and a continuous wall of structural glazing allowing the clean, sleek lines of the architecture to stand tall. Structural glazing with silicone is a specialized curtain walling system, which helps perfectly uniform large glazed surfaces, not interrupted by frames or any other supporting system.


As the team of engineers, we offer a high-quality structural glazing solution. We plan, design and install all of our custom-made structural glazing solutions with you in mind. We work with architects and homeowners alike, at all stages of the design process, to ensure that you never have to compromise.

Benefits of Structural Glazing

  • Allows for broader architectural design flexibility.
  • Increases the thermal efficiency of buildings, because the exterior exposure of metal framing is either reduced or eliminated.
  • Reduces or eliminates water and air infiltration.
  • Reduces the potential for thermal breakage of glass.
Structural Glazing

Structural Glazing With A Clear Vision

Khatri Glass and Aluminium is the active service provider in the installation of glass designs with structural glazing providing the bettered look n feel of high-quality standard materials.

Structural Glazings


Four-side framed glazing

In four-sided framed glazing a frame is fabricated on all four sides of the glass to support it. During installation the horizontal and vertical support members are framed on the building. Glass is used as a transparent infill panel.

Structural Glazings

Two-side framed glazing

In a two-sided framed glazing, the support for glass is only on two sides. It is either fabricated in the horizontal or in the vertical direction. The glass is then fixed in the glass fins.

Our Clients

When it comes to architectural and structural glazing, we don’t see problems, we see solutions. Our approach, attention to detail and quality of service have earned us a reputation for excellence.

From over 2 decades of experience, Khatri Glass and Aluminium have been the recommended service provider in Structural Glazing fittings in entire New Delhi.

Client Testimonials

On every level, Khatri Glass and Aluminium has exceeded my expectations in glass work. In recent, their team helped me with the ACP cladding and Aluminium Fabrication work for my external building. The excellent and reliable service are truly overwhelming!

Kailash Chaturvedi

Knowing from my friend in Faridabad, I came to know about Khatri Glass and Aluminium in the New Delhi region . Their experts fast pace work in the quality installation of Designer mirrors to my new home made me a fan of their team. I would highly recommend their effective services in the installation of glass & aluminium.

Gurtek Singh

From aluminium to the glass installation work, Khatri Glass and Aluminium provide me the needful services to my entrances. They installed the perfect looking glass doors for my new venture in the coffee restaurant. I am looking for the same quality work from their team again.

Harjinder Kohli